Ask your local guides to help you see wildlife and special attractions. Seeing wildlife and other natural attractions with local guides is an important way to support conservation & raise awareness on the importance of protecting biodiversity.  Tours are booked through local guesthouses in Nakai District. 

Wildlife Highlights

Red-shanked Doucs

These rare and beautiful primates are unique to the Annamites and can be seen with some luck on the Nam Chae trek.

Civets & Sambar deer

Various civet species and Sambar deer can be seen on the Night Safari on the Nam Xot River with some luck.

Gibbons (calls)

Although it’s difficult to see gibbons, you can hear their amazing calls in the early morning from the campsites.


With luck and patience you can see elephants along the NT2 Reservoir. You might also see tracks on the Nam Chae Trail.


Macaques are the most common primates and can be seen along the rivers and reservoir islands during boat ride up the Nam Xot.

Giant squirrel

Giant squirrels can be see on the Nam Chae Trail and on hikes to the Swamp Cypress from Gaeng Louang & Tad Nyim.

Forest & Scenic Highlights

Called “Mai Hing Sum” in Lao, the Swamp Cypress is an endangered tree species. (Clean your shoes with alcohol before approaching.)

Nam Chae is an important area for primates and is the most accessible area for trekking from Navang Village.

Houay Maknga & Gaeng Louang

This beautiful area along the Nam Xot River has night safari wildlife spotlighting opportunities.

The Nam Xot River is the closest place inside the park for camping and is notable for its sandy beaches & starry nights.

The NT2 Reservoir is good for birding. Book a fishing trip with a local guesthouse and picnic at Lan Hai.

Thong Khachaeng

A trek to Thong Khachaeng requires at least 6 days but is the best place for seeing wildlife. Special permission required.

Tad Nyim is the most accessible waterfall and offers an adventurous climb en route to the Swamp Cypress forest.

Khoun Waterfall

Tad Khoun is the park’s most iconic waterfall. The full day boat trip on the Nam Awn River is also good for bird watching.

Teung Waterfall

Inquire with local guesthouses to arrange a special trip to see Teung Waterfall, which can possibly be done by mountain bike or tractor.


Nahao Village is a multi-ethnic village and is starting point for tours on the Nam Xot River. At the Nahao Visitor Center visitors can purchase their park entry permit and book homestay, local guides, camping equipment, mountain bikes and boats.

Navang Village

Navang Village is an ethnic Makong Village and is located 8km from Nahao Village inside the park. Navang is the starting point for the Nam Chae Trail and to remote Thong Khachaeng. Homestay and local guides are available. 

Thalang Village

Thalang Village is an ethnic village located on the edge of the Nam Theun 2 Reservoir and is known for its sunrise and sunset scenes. It is the closest location for taking boats into the park and has two guesthouses that arrange tours to Nakai Nam Theun.