Fishing & Picnic at Lan Hai – Nam Theun 2 Reservoir (Half Day)

Fishing & Picnic at Lan Hai – Nam Theun Reservoir (1/2-Day)

4 Hours Easy Boat Travel 1-10 passengers

Fishing & Picnic at Lan Hai – Nam Theun Reservoir (1/2-Day)

Take a morning or afternoon fishing trip on the Nam Theun Reservoir. Fish with bait and tackle with the help of local guides. Have a picnic lunch at the rocky river mouth of Lan Hai, a beautiful location with giant boulders and surrounding jungles. If you’re lucky see elephants & macaques along reservoir’s edge. The best times for trying to see wildlife is in the early morning or late afternoon. Bird watching around the reservoir is also possible with sightings of osprey, egrets, kingfishers and other birds. This tour is arranged by the Sabaidee Thalang Guesthouse.

Difficulty: Easy

This trip requires no walking. Ask your guide for plastic chairs to make the boat ride more comfortable.

Local Guide Required

The guesthouse will arrange for local guides, which are required.

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities

Fish, birds, long-tailed macaques (with patience), elephants (with patience & luck).

Booking with Local Guesthouses

Book with Sabaidee Thalang or other local guesthouses in Nakai District.

Trip Itinerary

This is a sample itinerary. Contact the Sabaidee Thalang Guesthouse for more information.

7:00 AM - Breakfast at your guesthouse

Pre-book your breakfast to get an earlier start.

8:00 AM - Depart Thalang by boat

Take a traditional long-tail boat across the Nam Theun 2 Reservoir.

9:00 AM - Fishing

Your guide(s) will help you fish with rods and bait/tackle.

11:00 AM - Lunch at Lan Hai
Boat to Lan Hai. Walk along the boulders to a picnic spot at the river’s mouth. Enjoy a Lao style picnic. (Vegetarian options available – ask your guide before the tour).
12:30 - 1:30 PM - Return to Thalang
“This was a great trip because we had only the morning available before going on to Kong Lor Cave the same day. It was fun to fish and enjoy the nature around the reservoir”
Paul Georges

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