Park Management

Nakai Nam Theun National Park is management by the Secretariat of the Nakai Nam Theun National Park Management Authority, which is managed under the Department of Forestry of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in cooperation with Khammouane and Bolikhamxay

Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement team is responsible for patrolling the park, reservoir and peripheral impact zones to prevent illegal hunting, buying and trading of wildlife, logging and exploitation of non-timber forest products. The patrolling effort is prioritised according to biodiversity values and threat levels.

Biodiversity Research

The Biodiversity Research section is responsible for monitoring the health of the ecosystem by surveying key species, using camera traps and other survey methods, in collaboration with villagers, key district partners, and national and international researchers.

Community Outreach and Conservation Awareness

The Community Outreach and Conservation Awareness team is dedicated to the dissemination and interpretation of information about the global importance of biodiversity, whilst communicating rules and regulations governing the protected area through fun and exciting participatory methods.

Village Integrated Conservation and Development

The idea of the Village Integrated Conservation and Development Committee is to provide bottom-up management to complement the activities of the park and district stakeholders. The committee includes the Village Conservation Monitoring Unit (VCMU) to monitor local conservation, and the Village Development Unit (VDU) linking village development activities to conservation.


Community-based ecotourism is being developed to provide incentives for community conservation, alternative livelihoods for local people, and to raise understanding and interest in the values of Nakai Nam Theun’s biodiversity.